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  • Here are some perspectives I’ve developed about the nature of Open Source, its characteristics and how Open Source relates to…

    Cian Ó’Maidín
    Open Source | 14th October 2019
  • As we hoped, the attendees were blown away when they got their Bangle.js at NodeConf EU registration last Sunday. It’s…

    Conor O'Neill
    Open Source, Node.js, NodeConfEU | 20th November 2019
  • If you’re new to Bangle.js and its recent launch at NodeConf EU by NearForm Research and Espruino, you can read…

    Conor O'Neill
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 18th November 2019
  • One awesome thing about Node.js 12, which became the main Long Term Support release line in October 2019, is stable…

    Anna Henningsen
    Node.js, Open Source | 12th November 2019
  • Bangle.js

    You have no idea how difficult it has been to keep this under wraps. After the huge successes of the…

    Conor O'Neill
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 10th November 2019
  • In this conversation celebrating the 10 years of Node.js, Tomas della Vedova shares his thoughts on the most significant features…

    James Snell
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 7th November 2019
  • In this episode of our Q&A series celebrating the 10th year of Node.js, we catch up with Ujjwal “Ryzokuken” Sharma…

    James Snell
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 31st October 2019
  • To mark the 10th anniversary of Node.js, we’re reflecting on how far it has come and where it is headed. …

    James Snell
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 24th October 2019
  • In collaboration with the OpenJS Foundation and Nodesource it’s my pleasure to announce the launch of two certifications: the OpenJS…

    David Clements
    Node.js, Open Source, Performance, Skills | 22nd October 2019
  • This year we are celebrating the 10th year of Node.js which now ranks as the fourth most important open source…

    James Snell
    Node.js, NodeConfEU | 17th October 2019
  • We love to hear how open source technologies that NearFormers have authored, contributed to or help maintain, are being used…

    Guest Maksim Sinik
    Fastify, Open Source, Performance | 14th October 2019
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