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Building better software, faster

We’re a global consultancy that designs and builds mission-critical digital products at speed and scale for enterprise and public sector clients.

Why NearForm

Yes, we’re experts in digital development and design. But more than that, we run every project according to a process we’ve refined through years of experience delivering solutions that don’t just meet the initial spec, but enable clients to scale and adapt as their needs evolve.

Clients and partners

“We had an ambitious target, a heterogeneous team that never met in person, and a delivery timeframe of only a few weeks. NearForm’s agile delivery practices, user experience design and technical skills were vital to make it happen.”

Carlo Marcoli – IBM

API Economy Solutions Leader, Europe

IBM Open Banking

Open Banking

Reference Application

Insights and opinions

Every partnership starts with a conversation.

Consultancy, capability or your next project, we’re happy to chat. Talk to one of our experts.

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