nearForm is headquartered in Ireland with staff across Europe, North America, Canada and South Africa.

nearForm is the world's largest and longest established Node.js company. The company has shipped over 50 production Node.js systems to date. nearForm experts leverage their deep experience to develop open source tools, including Seneca.js, our enterprise system engineering toolkit, and nScale, our microservcies deployment system. We also provide training, consulting, technical support, certification and engineering services.

Cian Ó Maidín Cian Ó Maidín

Cian Ó Maidín


Cian is the co-founder and visionary chief executive officer (CEO) behind nearForm. Very early on, Cian saw how Node.js could help software work better and formulated his vision of bringing the new Node.js technology into the mainstream. He is committed to making that happen through nearForm.

He is an established entrepreneur, Node.js community leader, creator of the NodeDublin conference and curator of NodeConf EU, Europe’s annual four-day Node.js conference. In 2012, Cian was voted amongst “Ireland’s top technology leaders”.

Richard Rodger Richard Rodger

Richard Rodger


Richard is the co-founder, chief technology officer (CTO) and technology thought leader behind nearForm. A rare combination of successful entrepreneur, public speaker and published author, Richard wrote one of the world’s first books on Node.js.

Richard is a regular international conference speaker, with recent appearances at CodeMotion Rome, MicroXchg Berlin and London JS Conf. He is also a prominent figure in the open source software world.