We can ensure that your system remains robust and scalable, and up-to-date. Our architecture team is the most experienced in the Node.js world and will be with you every step of the way. We can review your code, and your system, and systematically reduce risk and increase performance on your key metrics.


The nearForm Strategic Advantage.

Our breadth of experience with mission-critical systems and technologies means that we can not only resolve your Node.js issues, but also the wider integration and platform challenges that all large-scale Node.js systems face. We provide not only in-depth Node.js expertise down the core code-base, but also wide-ranging production experience in all major platforms. Our architects and engineers have at least 10 years industry experience apiece, and keen appreciation for the wider world in which Node.js must operate.


Personal Dedicated Support.

We don’t have an escalation process. We have solution leaders. Your challenge will be directly owned by a senior nearForm engineer, who will see your issue through to resolution, and lead the engagement at all times. Our solution leader will form a dynamic solution team where needed, bringing in the right expertise to solve problem. We know that real-world production issues are about much more than just code.


Industry Leadership.

Our founding team and many our our key people, are thought leaders in the Node.js and Micro-service eco-systems. We have defined the most important best practices for Node.js in production. We contribute code and expertise at all levels, and understand the way in which many of the primary Node.js frameworks behave in production. Our experience is not limited to individual systems or industries, but is broad and deep across a wide range of organisations.


Our Support Offering.

We would love to talk to you about your exact needs! Our support offering has many elements, and we allow you to construct the regime that meets your business goals most effectively. Contact us directly for more details.

Service Levels:

24x7 or 8x5 for US, EMEA and APAC. We cover key timezones, with customization options. Our team is globally distributed and we also offer support in a number of languages beyond English.

Contact Experience:

We are happy to engage by email, chat, video or phone.

Consistent Experience:

Each issue is fully tracked so that you and the solution team have full context at all times.

Personal Accountability:

Your solution leader will stay with the problem until is fully resolved, operating as a member of your team for maximum resolution speed and effectiveness.

Regular and Predictable:

Our own product releases are made on regular weekly and monthly cycles, and are fully documented for compatibility. We offer an early access programme.

Deep documentation:

Getting started guides. Quick start tutorials. Long-form subject-focused articles. Detailed API and configuration reference. Video tutorials, meetup and conference talks. Unrestricted sample projects, both simple and complex. And a growing online knowledge-base.

Whole-system Approach:

We take a holistic approach to problem solving and will look beyond the boundaries of Node.js. Solving your production issue, whatever the origin, is our goal.