Organizations that rely on software (hint: these days, that’s everybody!) need to know that the solutions they choose will be supported, and long-lived. This is as true for large global enterprises as it is for startups and non-profits. nearForm is committed to delivering software that makes a real difference to you, our clients, not only by delivering what you need today, but also by making you self-sufficient for tomorrow.

Open Source does this. By sharing the very high cost of building reliable software infrastructure, everybody wins. As a company, nearForm is committed to supporting not only home-grown projects, but also key projects in the Node.js community. We hope that you will join with us in adopting this win-win philosophy!

The core projects that we support directly, with staff and community building, are:

Seneca: a microservices architecture that makes building business logic fast and easy. Learn more about Seneca.

hapi: a rich framework for building web applications and APIs, focused on the stability and reliability needed for high volume systems. Learn more about hapi.

Fuge: a tool to help developers work with microservice style systems. Learn more about Fuge

The nearForm Way

As a company that helps to change the way your build software, and helps you accelerate the delivery of real business value, we have brought together a carefully curated set of Open Source tools, architectures and frameworks that let us move quickly.

From high intensity digital transformations, that must be delivered in a matter of weeks, to introducing fundamental change that speeds up software delivery (such as continuous delivery), our carefully considered approach is designed to get your value proposition working from day one.

We believe in showing our work, as it happens. The nearForm weekly demo is an act of faith that unifies all of our projects. We insist on demonstrating delivery, live, and a weekly basis. This is only possible when you have the infrastructure to support such an aggressive approach to delivery. We have worked this way from the first first day of our founding.

We believe in measuring our work. Features are worthless if they do not deliver business value. We deliver value first. To do that, you cannot waste time building software that will never be used. We always connect the work of each day back to the engagement of your customers, and back to the fundamental strategic decisions that you have made to grow your business. From ensuring the performance will be perfect on launch day, to capturing key metrics, our decisions are always data-driven.

We put your technology needs first. Our Open Source tools are not appropriate for every client and every scenario. What is more important, is our belief in transparent software delivery, and this can be achieved with any framework or architecture. With nearForm, your culture and decisions always come first.

nearForm tools can cut your development time in half and de-risk the adoption of Node.js in your organization. If you’d like to know more about how to get results from your enterprise projects quickly and safely, contact us. We’d love to talk with you.

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