It’s with great excitement today that the team at nearForm would like to announce that Matteo Collina ( @matteocollina ) has joined nearForm.

Matteo Collina has joined nearForm!

Matteo spends most of his days programming between:

  • Node.js,
  • Ruby,
  • Java
  • and Objective-C.

He is also near the finishing line of a Ph.D. on the Internet of Things and the Real-Time Web at the University of Bologna. He is the author of the Node.js MQTT Broker, Mosca and of the LevelGraph database. He is co-author of the book “Javascript: Best Practices” edited by FAG, Milan. In the summer he loves sailing the Sirocco.


Matteo builds on our ability to deliver highly-scalable, real-time industrial internet applications and brings unrivalled expertise on messaging for real-time web and IoT applications to nearForm where he is a key player.


We’re really excited about the future with Matteo.

By: Cian Ó Maidín

Cian Ó Maidín is the co-founder and visionary CEO behind nearForm. Very early on, he saw how Node.js could help the world work in a better way. He is committed to making that happen through nearForm. He is an established entrepreneur, Node.js community leader, the creator of Node Dublin and the curator of NodeConf EU. In 2012, Cian was voted by the Sunday Business Post as one of the most influential leaders in Irish technology.