I am pleased to announce that the new version of nScale, 0.16, has been released today! This new release includes several new features and improvements, including: AWS Auto Scaling groups support, deployment of multiple versions of the same microservice, and a clean start/stop cycle. Update it with:

npm install nscale -g

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The latest release of nscale, version 0.15.0, officially goes live today. This is an incremental release compared to version 0.14, which went out earlier this month. In fact, this release includes some changes that we could not ship in 0.14, as we preferred to ship, rather than wait. 0.15 is a safe upgrade for all of you running v0.14. We encourage everybody to upgrade! Continue reading

The latest release of nscale, version 0.14.x, officially went live this month. This marks a major milestone in the nscale project and incorporates a large number of changes that together deliver a huge improvement in the build and deployment workflow.

If you are not yet familiar with nscale then you should check it out. The github repo and quickstart guide can be found here.

In this post I’ll first of all walk through the new workflow and then detail each of the major updates in turn.

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On August 1st 2012, Knight Capital Group lost $440 million in 45 minutes of high-frequency trading.

The deployment of a software update to their trading platform was faulty. Their subsequent efforts to manually rollback the deployment were catastrophically fatal. There’s a detailed Securities and Exchange Commission filing that describes in lurid technical detail the full scale of the disaster. Triggering an investigation by the SEC is a great way to get your system deeply audited. Continue reading