The nearForm webinar on Richard Rodger’s book ‘The Tao of Microservices’ took place on March 29, 2016.

The slides and recording are here:

The conversation starts at about 4:00 minutes.

In the webinar, I chatted to author Richard Rodger about several aspects of the microservices architecture, including the trade-offs involved in using microservices architectures, what to do about technical debt, and the key role of messages.

Also, find out what this piece of fifteenth-century Japanese pottery has to do with it all!



By: Dean McDonnell

Dean is a self-taught software engineer who cut his teeth on .Net and Microsoft-oriented technologies. Having initially worked in the food sector and specialized in traceability, he has a wide range of experience with large systems and industrial hardware. He made the transition to Node.js quickly, having already made contributions to Johnny-Five, an IoT-focused robotics framework, as well as nearForm's nScale and Seneca. In his spare time, Dean contributes to open source software (see his GitHub profile and plays retro games.