nodeday is a one-day conference that showcases the best, latest and most interesting knowledge and skills from the international Node.js community. This year’s nodeday Amsterdam took place on February 11, 2016 at the iconic Machinegebouw building in the city’s historic Westergasfabriek (gas factory) site.

nodeday Amsterdam 2016 inside Maschinengebouw

Attendees at nodeday Amsterdam 2016 in the Maschinengebouw building

The facilitator of the event was well-known Node.js/ hardware expert, original NodeBots curator and DanceJS founder Emily Rose. Emily did a wonderful job presenting the speakers and keeping everything on track throughout the day.

For a quick, condensed flavor of the day, see the nodeday Amsterdam 2016 aftermovie:

Credit goes to IceMobile for a fantastic video!

The quality and scope of the speakers’ presentations made this an incredibly useful and informative event. These are just some of the talks that we heard on the day:

Upward mobility as a movement – by Alaina Percival

About face: reflections on growing an open source mentality - by Jean Charles Sisk

Here are some snapshots of the event that were captured on Twitter:

Huge thanks also to the event sponsors PayPal, IceMobile and nearForm, who made it all possible.

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By: Barry Woods

Barry Woods is head of business development at nearForm. He has over twenty years of software development and sales experience in a wide variety of markets including media, finance, healthcare, retail, food and manufacturing.