nearForm is delighted to welcome aboard new advisor and senior architect Eran Hammer. Eran is a high-profile member of the global Node.js community. He is best known internationally for leading the software development team at Walmart that transformed the US retail giant’s mobile e-commerce platform to Node.js with two extremely successful and uneventful Black Fridays, the busiest shopping day of the year.

Eran Hammer

Over the last four years, Eran has been the creator and lead maintainer of the leading Node.js framework hapi.js, which is used by many Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, PayPal, Yahoo and others. Previously, Eran spent ten years building large trading systems on Wall Street, followed by a focus on web standards at Yahoo!, and was the lead author of the OAuth specification.

Eran says:

“nearForm has been on the cutting edge of large scale Node.js engineering and the leading force behind the growing popularity of the microservices architecture. I am excited about the many possibilities of combining the two worlds – hapi and microservices – into a simple and powerful foundation for the next generation of web and enterprise applications. nearForm opens the door to introduce hapi to a new category of developers by combining the powers of the Seneca and hapi frameworks.”

nearForm chief operating officer (COO) Paul Savage says:

“We’re quietly bursting with pride that Eran chose to work with nearForm after leaving Walmart.”


Cian O’Maidín, chief executive officer (CEO) of nearForm, is equally delighted about Eran’s arrival:

“A big welcome to Eran! nearForm has been quietly growing as a Node.js consulting company over the last four years and we’re now on a major growth spurt and reaching critical mass. nearForm is now the biggest Node.js consulting company in the world by a long way: we are  approaching 60 people and growing at a rate of 10 people per month with revenue now growing at 200% year-on-year. Eran’s involvement is a major endorsement of nearForm. Expect some very interesting announcements over the coming months.”


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By: Richard Rodger

Richard Rodger is the co-founder and technology thought leader behind nearForm. A rare combination of successful entrepreneur and author, he is part of a small cohort that is changing the nature of enterprise software builds worldwide. Richard is the creator of Seneca.js, an open source microservices toolkit for Node.js, and, a search engine for Node.js modules. Richard's first book, 'Beginning Mobile Application Development in the Cloud' (Wiley, 2011), was one of the first major works on Node.js. His new book, 'The Tao of Microservices' (Manning), is due out in early 2017.
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