As lead trainer and content curator at nearForm, I’m ever-mindful that we not only strive for excellence in training techniques, but also that we assimilate our entire team’s knowledge and skills into the material. nearForm trainers are required to have real-world development experience of the areas they teach. 

nearForm Node.js Training

This is why all our trainers also work on projects, whether these are internal nearForm projects or open source projects.

Node.js Training

In addition to this, nearForm’s training department has solid theoretical gray matter behind it: both Richard Rodger and I are published authors of books on Node.js. Richard is the author of Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley) and I authored Node Cookbook (Packt), now in its second edition.

As 2015 progresses, we’ll continue to deliver quality customized training at all levels to our clients. See below for details on the nearForm training courses that are running this month. Courses can be booked via the ‘Read more’ link.

Course title: Building mobile apps with Node.js clouds
Dates: February 25 and 26, 2015
Venue: The Skills Matter eXchange, London
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Course title: Building production Node.js system
Dates: February 23 and 24, 2015
Venue: The Skills Matter eXchange, London
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By: David Mark Clements

David Mark Clements is a JavaScript and Node.js specialist based in Northern Ireland. He is nearForm's lead trainer and training content curator. From a very early age he was fascinated with programming. He first learned BASIC on one of the many Ataris he had accumulated by the age of nine. David learned JavaScript at age twelve, moving into Linux administration and PHP as a teenager. Node has become a prominent member of his toolkit due to its versatility, vast ecosystem, and the cognitive ease that comes with full-stack JavaScript. David is author of Node Cookbook (Packt), now in its second edition.