nearForm is proud to sponsor CoderDojo, the global volunteer-run coding education movement that started out in Cork, Ireland in 2011 and has since spread pretty much across the world, from Guadalajara, Mexico to Melbourne, Australia.CoderDojoThis Friday January 22nd in Dublin, Ireland, the CoderDojo Foundation hosts a two-day hackathon that will show participants how to contribute to Zen, the movement’s open source community platform.

Developed in collaboration with nearForm, the Zen platform uses cutting edge software technologies Node.js, Angular.js, PostGreSQL, Mozilla Open Badges and Jenkins. It enables Dojo mentors and champions to do super useful things like participate in community forums, register for events and maintain a personal CoderDojo profile.

The hackathon will be split into two streams: a coding stream and a translation stream. The coding stream is self-explanatory. The translation stream is a great way for non-coders to contribute to an open, global movement using their language skills.

The folks at the CoderDojo Foundation tell us that at the hackathon, there will be prizes in three categories:

  • Best quality pull request submitted
  • Highest potential / most creative / best team
  • Best changes deployed

Food will also be provided throughout the event.

As you might expect, level of experience is not a big deal at the hackathon. Ursula Clarke Everett, technical lead at the CoderDojo Foundation, tells us: “Don’t worry about not having lots of experience. We will have experienced developers present to help you, and we have a list of issues that are ‘suitable for beginners’!”

Find out more about the event and register (free) here.

By: Orla Shanaghy

Orla Shanaghy is writer in residence at nearForm. Her job as a member of the marketing team is a combination of copywriter, editor, content curator and proofreader. In her own right, Orla is an award-nominated blogger and published author.