Microservices Day London

Microservices Day London takes place at 8 Northumberland Avenue London, on May 25th 2017.

The aim of the event is to bridge the gap between two worlds, cloud-native technology companies and traditional enterprises.

The objectives of microservices day are to provide insights for business transformation from a management perspective and also to provide blueprints for transformation from a technology perspective.

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Node.js and the Air Ambulance Service (3)

Thanks to Nigel Hanlon from OpenApp for taking the time to write this blog post. Nigel has worked with Node.js to provide some amazing developments with the Air Ambulance Service. 

It was Christmas six years ago when the spec for a new project came across my desk. Inside, it detailed a new emergency service that was to go live in the coming months and their requirements for a new mapping system. Little did I realise the gravity of what I was embarking on and how today, I would rank it as one of my most important and interesting projects.

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Microservices series #4- beware the monolith

This is the fourth post in my microservices series and follows on from the previous articles:

In the above posts (particularly post two), I identified and discussed what I believe are the key problems with custom enterprise software development. Today, I take a closer look at one of those problems: the monolithic architecture.

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We are delighted to announce Microservices Day New York takes place on Thursday 23rd March 2017 on the 34th floor at One World Trade Center. This event is invite only, if you or members of your team are interested in attending please get in touch: events@nearform.com.

What is Microservices Day New York?

Microservices Day is a one-day, single-track, non-profit event that focuses on the evolution and transformation of enterprise from a technology perspective.

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In the first and second posts in this series, I took you through a high-level look at microservices as a phenomenon, and a detailed examination of the issues that we face with our software, respectively. Today, I present the qualitative and quantitative evidence for my claim in the first post above: that “enterprise software development is broken”.

The qualitative evidence

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We are delighted to announce Node Week.

Node week is a series of Node related talks from April 10th – 14th. Join nearForm’s Cian O’Maidin, Luca Maraschi, David Mark Clements and Matteo Collina along with more soon to be announced guests. The talks will focus on topics from logging to Hapi.js and everything in between. Our speakers will be delving into some real life experiences and sharing what they have learned along the way.

Introducing some of our first  speakers:

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