nearForm was founded at the end of 2011. It is now the world’s largest dedicated Node.js consulting and open source tools company. Over the space of four years, we have gained deep insights into the adoption of Node.js in the enterprise.

In this blog post, I review what has happened in the enterprise Node.js market from 2013 to the present. I then take a look at the market at it is now, broken down into the seven main segments in which nearForm operates. The latter section uses data gathered from 100 nearForm clients.

The story of Node.js is a story of digital transformation

In 2013, I published a post on ‘Why Node.js is becoming the go-to technology in the enterprise‘.

Back in mid-2013, Node.js was not yet a sure-fire bet. However, the signs were there: massive companies in the financial, retail, e-commerce and media industries were beginning to use Node.js as a means to enable rapid innovation.

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We are very pleased to announce that Danese Cooper will be one of our speakers  joining us at NodeConf EU this year.

NodeConf EU

Danese describes herself on Twitter as ‘open source diva’ and it’s not hard to see why. An American programmer, computer scientist, and open source software advocate, Danese has been a leader in the tech sector for many years. She managed teams at Symantec and Apple Inc. and for six years served as Chief Open Source Evangelist for Sun Microsystems. She subsequently served as Senior Director for Open Source Strategies at Intel. She was an advisor on open source policy to the R community while at REvolution Computing (now Revolution Analytics), and served from February 2010 to July 2011 as Chief Technical Officer for the Wikimedia Foundation. She currently works for PayPal as Head of Open Source.

Danese also runs DaneseWorks, a successful consultancy to companies wishing to pursue open source strategies. DaneseWorks counts the SETI Foundation, Harris Corporation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among its clients. She is Chairwoman of the Node.js Foundation, a Director on the board of the Drupal Association, a board advisor for Mozilla, the Open Source Hardware Association and Ushahidi, and has served since 2005 as a Member of the Apache Software Foundation. She was a board member for 10 years at Open Source Initiative.

She has also been known to knit during meetings…

At NodeConf EU 2015, Danese will address attendees on the subject of open source.

To find out more about NodeConf EU 2015, go to the conference website.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet – what’s keeping you? Get it here.

NodeConf EU is almost here! This is the third annual Node.js conference to be held in Waterford, Ireland. The agenda is now live on the site! Here are a few of the things you shouldn’t miss while on Nodeconf EU’s very own island:

Node.js Foundation

We are excited to have the newly formed Node.js Foundation joining us for talks, a panel and a workshop. Come learn about what the Foundation is up to.

Engaging talks such as “The Mad Science of Node” and “Visulator”

NodeConf EU is fortunate to host some of the best tech minds in the world. Guests on the island will be able to attend over 25 engaging and informative talks from speakers across the globe.

Expert led workshops

IBM, Atlassian and nearForm will lead interactive Node.js and Microservices workshops.

Robot cocktail tenders

NodeConf EU will now have it’s very own Node.js powered robotic bartending team on hand! Just tap in your selection and your cocktail will be ready in moments.

Grand gala banquet

Join us on the final night for a delicious feast, swingin’ music, dancing and some unique and amazing entertainment that won’t easily be forgotten!


spiegel tent 1

Want to know more? Visit our website at NodeConf.euSee you in Waterford!


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