Are you heading along to this year’s FullStack London? If so, be sure to catch talks by Matteo Collina and David Mark Clements!

Hosted in CodeNode and at its fourth edition, FullStack is now the go-to JavaScript, Node, Angular and IoT conference in London.

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Components at Organisational Scale – Day 2, 10:30 am

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On a recent client project, our team was tasked with setting-up local development environments for a new Node.js-based microservices system that would eventually be deployed on Red Hat’s OpenShift platform.

We have found a good approach by making use of the MiniShift project and we have put together a demo with some accompanying documentation about what we’ve learnt.

You can jump straight into the code and docs, or you can stick around for more on the journey that led us to this point.

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Hi! I’m Matteo, and I’m a code pirate at nearForm. I’ve just been nominated to the Node.js Core Technical Committee, and I do a lot of Open Source, both in my daily job and for fun. I do not classify myself as a very productive person, and in fact I can get easily distracted. Whenever I’m “in the zone”, I can barely speak as I try to keep hold of all the context I am working on. The net result is that I am not very productive in an office environment, and I work from home when I am not travelling, more on that later.

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James M Snell, Colin Ihrig

Node 8 is a major release with a lot of exciting features and is is the next release line to enter Long Term Support (LTS). In this post, we want to give you a quick summary of what it includes. For a more extensive description, please see our announcement post.

npm 5.0.0 npm@5 is a large upgrade which has significantly improved performance in almost all common situations and is more robust and fault-tolerant.

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Updated and republished by Dara Hayes on May 24 2017


Tracking down memory leaks with Node.js has always been a challenge. The following discusses how to track memory leaks in a Node application using Node’s --inspect flag and the two awesome node modules – memwatch and heapdump.


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