We are delighted to announce Node Week.

Node week is a series of live Node related talks from April 10th – 14th. Join nearForm’s Cian O’Maidin, Luca Maraschi, David Mark Clements and Matteo Collina along with more soon to be announced guests. The talks will focus on topics from logging to Hapi.js and everything in between. Our speakers will be delving into some real life experiences and sharing what they have learned along the way.

Introducing our first 3 speakers.

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Welcome back! In the first post in this series, we took a general look at microservices as a phenomenon and at how they can help us build better custom enterprise software. In today’s post, I take an initial deep dive into the issues that we face with our software, with the aim of giving you a good picture of the state of enterprise software at the moment.

We have identified microservices as a fundamental new approach that can radically improve the timeliness, quality and reusability of our code. Now what?


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Thank you to Saúl Ibarra Corretgé, of the libuv core team, for reviewing this post.

As Node.js developers, we are extremely spoiled. The level of abstraction provided to us by JavaScript allows us to focus on creating interesting applications instead of wrestling with low level system concepts such as threads and synchronization. But, whether we like to think about it or not, our JavaScript code sits on top of a lot of low level code, mostly written in C/C++, as shown in the following figure. This article will trace a simple JavaScript function call as it traverses various layers of this figure. A basic understanding of the event loop is assumed. If you need an introduction or refresher, check out this guide.

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Stability first

Guest post by Mathias Buus. Thank you Mathias!

I am an npm module author. I’ve written close to 500 modules. Just this past week I’ve published around 10 new ones. Modules I maintain have been downloaded more than 750 million times. Lots of my close friends are module authors as well.

You could say I’m invested in the Node.js ecosystem.

I’ve been using Node since version 0.4. Recently Node 7 was released. When reading the release notes two things caught my eye.

  • It introduced a new core url module – a module that could easily have been published to npm instead.
  • It deprecated the Buffer constructor when not using new. A change that deprecated >1000 npm modules and their dependents.

In addition there is now a PR open to deprecate the Buffer constructor entirely. A change that affects tens of thousands modules if not more.

All these changes made me realize how much the priorities of Node has changed in the past years.

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