We regularly host and support a number of events where both developers and enterprise leaders with an interest in Node.js or Microservices can meet and share their stories.

NodeConf EU is our largest event which is now in its third year. The event is designed in keeping with the ethos of the original NodeConf facilitated by Mikeal Rogers in the U.S.A.

This is the Node.js conference for Europe and brings the best international tech minds to Waterford, Ireland for four days. Over 30 talks and workshops are held in a Castle on an Island in a fun and unique atmosphere so everyone enjoys the sessions.

Visit our NodeConf EU blog.

We host two types of Node.js events: a monthly Node.js meetup in Dublin and our international nodeday events, held in cities such as New York and London. Keep an eye out for future city announcements.

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We host two types of Microservices events: a monthly Microservices meetup in Dublin and our Microservices Day event held in cities around the world, including New York.

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There is a tangible feeling of community with these events so do check out the individual blogs above for more information for events near you.